Shea Perkins’s yoga and spiritual journey began in 1999 when a close friend gave her a couple books on spirituality. The books led Sheila to search out more about yoga and the effects it could have on ones life. At the time Sheila had two small children and needed a way to coupe with the day-to-day stresses of raising a family. Sheila began her own practice by reading as many books as possible, and while the location of her practice has changed since then, her focus on body alignment, strength, and flexibility remains.

Over the years, her practice has grown increasingly mindful, expanding to encompass more than just the physical asanas. For Sheila, yoga has become a safe space to work through emotions and relieve stress. It is this focus that led her to become a teacher, deepen her own personal practice, and begin to share this mindful space with everyone who enters her class. Her creative sequencing encourages students of all levels to try something new. Hands-on assists and thorough explanations of body alignment create a safe and supportive environment to learn and explore. Sheila has been teaching yoga since 2012, she started at In-Shape Health Clubs and has since began teach with North Bay Fitness. Sheila left teaching at the gyms to open Vakra Yoga and Wellness. At Vakra Yoga and Wellness, Sheila wanted to create a sacred space, loving space.

Sheila is certified with Pete Guinosso’s Lighting the Path Teacher Training and RYT­200 registered with Yoga Alliance. Shea is also a Reiki practitioner.


Ryan Saavedra- Eight years ago I began a mission to take individuals beyond their own personal limitations by bringing them outside of their walls emotionally, spiritually, and physically. By providing many opportunities to take a yoga practice outdoors we rekindle the passion in yoga by integrating a traditional practice, with a breath of fresh air. Let me take you beyond your own expectations into the realm of releasing and living true.”

Ryan’s classes are purposefully sequenced to create space in our bodies and minds. to enhance our lives on and off the mat. Her classes are designed to remove physical, energetic, and mental patterns to facilitate transformation, freeing ourselves from suffering. The movement is all about the breath and staying present. You will leave her classes feeling weightless, re-aligned, and shifted into relaxation.

Ryan is yoga Alliance E-RYT500 and YACEP certified. She continues to grow as an instructor and student by emerging herself into yoga as a way of living. Currently Ryan is enrolled in the California College of Ayurveda where she will become a certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor.

Tina Clay-Hello and Namaste! Until the year 2000, my education and professional goals were on track for a career in counseling. A few years after completing graduate school and working in higher education, I had the privilege to experience yoga( pranayama and asana) for the first time during an extended trip to India. It was the catalyst to making profound changes to my life. Practicing yoga postures, and working with the breath, played an important role in my recovery from post-partum depression. Motivated by my own healing, I began teaching yoga in 2004. Over the years, I have taught yoga to a variety of different populations; from teens to seniors, and I have experience teaching a few different styles of yoga; from power yoga to the more restorative and gentler practices. After teaching for more than a decade, and personally experiencing all the permutations that my own practice has moved through, I realize that regardless of the style of yoga – one’s practice is ultimately and completely about transformation of the inner self. This has propelled me to study the philosophy of yoga in more depth and to explore the teachings of meditation, particularly in the Buddhist Vipassana (Insight) tradition. I have completed 300 hours of study and practice in Mindful Yoga and Meditation, which is the beautiful blending of Yoga and Dharma in one’s practice of postures and in sitting/walking meditation. Nowadays my practice and teaching methodology is to nurture compassion for the inner being and to cultivate a mindful attention to the full experience of the present moment in both movement and in stillness. I welcome the opportunity to share my love for the Dharma and Yoga with you. Tina is an Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, Certified in CPR and First Aid, 200 hour Certificate in Yoga Teacher Training, 300 hour Certificate in Mindful Yoga and Meditation, BA in Psychology, BS in Health Promotion and Exercise Science, and MA in Counseling.

Dorene Adams RN, MSN, E-RYT-500
Yoga is for EVERY BODY
We just have to find what is right for YOUR BODY
It is my belief that health of the mind and of the body are directly related, and therefore, happiness is an integral part of one’s own health.   For me, yoga is unique in its ability to promote this balance.  As a RN with a Masters Degree in Education, I am fully committed in unifying traditional western methods of healing with more natural interventions.  The body is designed to heal itself, I would like to show you how you can support that process.
I completed my 500 hour advanced yoga training through Yoga Tree, San Francisco, with a focus on anatomy, alignment and therapeutics.  I now lead classes in Napa and Fairfield following the Hatha Yoga traditions.
Yoga is MADE for all bodies, it just doesn’t look the SAME in all bodies.
You can read more about what I offer on my personal website: 

Hello, I am April Bautista! Yoga has been such an amazing part of my journey.

I started practicing Yoga in 2012 as it was recommended for me to ease symptoms related to general anxiety disorder. I remember my first full 1-hour home Yoga practice as clear as it was yesterday. The feeling of calmness, peace and stillness I experienced after that first Yoga class is the same reason that I still practice today. Yoga has been my main source of stress reduction ever since, I love the movement and the breath and the dance one can create between the two, I also love to share those benefits with others. Having that said, I decided to go through a 200-Hour Teacher Training at Yoga House, Co., in Benicia, CA and am excited to share my practice to all who roll out their mats with me.
I am trained in and teach Vinyasa Yoga. I enjoy smooth sequencing marrying breath with movement, thus creating a moving meditative dance to more upbeat music styles. I also teach Yin Yoga and have fallen in love with the benefits of a supported and restorative floor practice, which helps us to practice mindfulness and stillness, which slowly allows the body to open and relax. Most of my classes start with a breathing practice (Pranayama) then moving into building heat and flow (Vinyasa) followed by a few Gentle Yoga (Yin) poses leading up to a nice and long Savanasa (final relaxation). I find that this style creates a beautiful and balanced class and practice. What is most important for me as Yoga Instructor is to guide practitioners to honor their bodies, and approach the Yoga practice with gentleness, breath and ease. Looking forward to seeing you in class.

Jackie Benson 

My yoga journey began in 2011 while living abroad in England. I found a wonderful instructor who helped to dispel my many myths about yoga while facilitating a strong foundation built on love, respect and patience for my own practice. As I began to feel the transformational powers yoga had in my life, I felt inspired to share the gift of yoga with others. I recently completed the RYS

200-hr Yoga Alliance teacher training course at Yoga House Co. in Benicia, Ca. and I invite you to get curious about any limitations or resistance you may have going on in your life. I believe the mind, body, soul connection is a sacred one, and one that should be nurtured and inspired. With that mentality I teach my classes from the heart creating an uplifting, safe environment for all students to begin to explore and expand within their own body and consciousness.


DebraLee has been a licensed Esthetician since 1986.

DebraLee decided to pursue a career in skincare after going to modeling school and learning about make-up applications for film and television. Since 1986

DebraLee has seen the changing trends in skincare and the effects if has had on her clientele. DebraLee started being mindful of the chemicals in the beauty products she used on her clientele and herself and wanted to make a change for a more holistic approach to skincare. In 2002 after studying about natural health and teaching her clients about the dangers of toxins in personal care, make up and skincare products.

In addition she offers custom facials using only 100 % synthetic and toxic free products and full body waxing including brow design and Brazilians.

In addition she offers custom facials using only 100 % synthetic and toxic free products and full body waxing including brow design and Brazilians.

She has held classes and seminars on growing old naturally and detoxing your skin regime.